Brittany Brode | Reel – February 2016
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Reel – February 2016

Reel – February 2016

Featuring work from Technology Therapy Group and my own personal projects.

00:04-00:18 – Skin Center Therapy
Filmed by Jennifer Shaheen
Title card by Kira Leigh

00:18-00:30 – “Silver Jewelry Extravaganza” – Jewelry Box of Lake Forest
Silent Movie Title Card by Farrin N. Abbott –

00:30-00:37 – West & Co. Diamonds

00:37-00:41 – David Hayman Jewelers
Narration by Mary Stone

00:4-00:55 – “Celebrating 200 Years of Worship”
Created for the bicentennial celebration of the Kent United Methodist Church
Equipment donated by Gary Mote

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