Brittany Brode | Video Editor
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Let Me Tell You a Story

When I was young I had a stuffed pink dinosaur. His name was Sammy. One day I tore open a seam on Sammy’s back. My mom fixed him up, but from then on he had a dip along the seam where the new stitches were. I pretended that it was a scar from getting in a fight with a T-Rex.

Telling stories is a part of human nature. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone tells their story in a different way. I began editing videos in high school, splicing together short clips with simple transitions in Windows Movie Maker. I played the flute in the marching band, which helped me develop an excellent sense of timing. In college I studied animation but continued editing projects. I began to discover that was where my passion truly lay. I know what should be on screen and for how long to elicit the desired emotional response from an audience. More than that, I love telling stories. Whether they belong to me or someone else, I love finding the right way to bring them to life.

So, what story can I tell for you?

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